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While we require a physician referral for ongoing treatment, we can provide a one time evaluation appointment without a physician referral. Example of conditions that might warrant a one-time evaluation for recommendations might include carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and various tendonitis conditions such as tennis elbow. If you think you might benefit from an evaluation but aren’t sure, call one of our locations and ask to speak with a hand therapist to discuss your concerns.

We offer various treatment programs to address issues such as soft tissue concerns, including pain, swelling, and scar tissue adhesions. We work with patients to regain their range of motion and their strength. We customize programs to overcome functional limitations both at home and at work. We work with workers’ compensation patients, their physicians, and their employers to facilitate safe and timely return-to-work goals.

We also commit ourselves to patient education to help them understand their hand or upper extremity problem. We strive to enable the patient to take an active and leading role in their own recovery by understanding not only their injury, disease, or condition, but also to instruct them in techniques that can aid them in returning to their desired level of function or decreasing their level of pain or disability. In cases where that may not be a reasonable goal, we help them accept that reality and provide them with modifications and/or adaptive equipment to make them as functional as possible given their long-term deficits.

SHC specializes in customized orthotics for the hand and upper extremity. We fabricate custom-fitted orthoses (splints) to protect healing anatomy after injuries or surgery. We can also design orthoses to aid in regaining lost mobility. Lastly, we can offer orthoses to facilitate function by placing involved joints in their ideal or maximally performing positions. Custom orthoses are better-fitted and therefore, more comfortable and more tolerated by patients than pre-fabricated orthoses. This increases the likelihood of wearing compliance and successful outcomes. Most insurances cover the costs of orthoses.

At SHC, we have extensive experience in treating a wide variety of injuries and diagnoses related to the upper extremity and hand; however, we are always interested in learning more. As the practice of hand therapy advances, so do we! We are diligent in staying up-to-date on the latest technology and treatment techniques including, but not limited to, ultrasound, e-stim, TENS, H-wave, iontophoresis, serial casting, mirror therapy, kinesio taping, and metagrip fitting.


Regardless of the problem you face, we will always strive to help you succeed in reaching your individualized goals!



Continuing Education Attended by SHC Staff:

Philadelphia Hand Conference, Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference, Doctors Demystify

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